Scott Pease is a Cleveland, Ohio-based architectural photographer who creates interior and exterior images for architects, engineers, interior designers and contractors.

Satisfying the need for such a broad range of clients such as I have been doing takes more than just a lot of fancy equipment and computing power! It's all about the relationships I have with my clients. Yes, you've got to be able to produce excellent work all the time, that's a given. In fact it's expected. But it's more about how I work with my clients and what they get by working with me.

My clients hire me time and time again because I give them exactly what they want and then some. My goal is to give them more than they expect—to go the extra mile and do things that others might not do. This is what my business is all about.

Artistically, I like to find those special images or angles that the architects didn't see. Trying something new can make a typical scene a bit more daring and can elicit new feeling even though it has been viewed many times from a safer location. I like to break the rules whenever possible. Finding new ways to define a space has become somewhat of a style and more so a way of working. This is what my clients have come to expect and this is what they get.



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